Our Aims

Hideous Beast is a collaborative effort between two artists, Josh Ippel and Charlie Roderick. Through organizing structured participatory events we attempt to encourage cultural activity outside the bounds of mainstream entertainment and fabricated desire.

Critical of the audience as a passive participant, Hideous Beast seeks to coordinate events in which an acknowledged exchange between the event (as entertainment) and the spectator (as collaborator) can generate meanings beyond traditional formalized modes of entertainment.

It is our intent as artists and beings in common to shift perceptions of authorship and participation within the realm of constructed entertainment and art generated activities.
This might change though.

We are always looking for others to collaborate with, both in carrying out our own projects and realizing others. Please contact us with any ideas for activities or events.

Darren O’Donnell spring remix:

The First Day of Spring is a collaborative effort between the position of the Earth and the Sun. Through a slight tilt, the Earth brings it’s Northern Hemisphere closer to the Sun in order to encourage warmth, patios, and nudity, outside the bounds of Winter.

Critical of piles of snow, ice and freezing winds, the First Day of Spring seeks to bathe the populace with balmy breezes in which an acknowledge exchange between the skin (as contact with the world) and the wind (as the world) can generate a good frame of mind beyond the depression of winter.

It is the First Day of Spring’s intent, as a Season, to shift perceptions of the outdoors and the body within the realm of getting shit done without boots.
This might change though.