In The Conversation

We met Sal Randolph while presenting Field Test at last year’s Open Engagement conference. She invited us to present the work on a blog she moderates (link) and explains thoroughly in here (see excerpt below). She rocks!

To talk outside the cube means to talk about works of art which don’t fit the confines of the object or the white room. It means talking about works which take place in more public and social space, works in which there are participants rather than audiences. It means talking about work which is relatively neglected by the current critical discourse, and finding a language for this kind of talk. It also means looking to intellectual disciplines beyond art history and criticism for inspiration in developing that language.

I invite all readers to join the conversation here — to comment on what is published if they wish to, and also to send in their own accounts, artistic statements, and analyses. Write to talk [at] intheconversation [dot] com.

Sal Randolph
New York, June, 2004