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Leisure Libraray // IEG

Leisure Library is a project started in Spring of 2008. Instigated by our involvement in the Infinite Exchange Gallery at the ZERO1 biennial in San Jose on June 6, 2008, we started compiling a selection of manuals that give instructions for producing a variety of social events and activities (see our related project Field Test). This collection will manifest as a series of Leisure Libraries.

We are contacting producers of art events and activities in hopes of collaborating in the production of these manuals. Our collaboration could take any number of forms with more or less involvement from Hideous Beast: you design and author the manual and we publish it (in print and as a pdf on our website); you provide images and text and we do the design; we use available images and text, write additional text and publish with your approval; or any combination of these approaches.

If you have ideas and would like to add them to the Leisure Library, please contact us!

Leisure Library | Booklet Templates: Letter (8.5×11”) | Tabloid (11×17”)


Contracted Leisure, 2008
Small Publications Book Fair
NY Art Book Fair '10

As of June 3, 2008 the Leisure Library consists of:

Mini Movie Fest*

Mini Movie Fest Workshop*

Mini Movie Fest Mini Cine*

Field Test: Product Placement (Temporary Service)*

Field Test: Shop (N55)*

Piñata Party*


Laundry Lecture Series (Red76)*

A Manual of Bent Instructions (Forays)*

Sunday Soup Granting Program at InCUBATE*

PowerPoint Extreme*



Show and Tell*

Open Media Studio: FREE ART*