Mini Movie Fest


What is a Mini Movie Fest?

A Mini Movie Fest is an event for screening a selection of Mini Movies before a live audience. Event organizers secure facilities, solicit entries and promote the event to provide an evening of entertainment for a group of people. The Mini Movie Fest attempts to place or give a home to these films outside of private collections.

The relative ease of creating and presenting Mini Movies (compared to mainstream film and television) makes it possible for a Mini Movie Fest to provide a critical alternative to other forms of entertainment. The low quality, limited duration and often-candid nature of the Mini Movie can present a construction of subject and narrative resistant to commercial entertainment. As a collection of visual media from a specific group of persons, this event may also bring about certain understanding of community and place.

What is a Mini Movie?

A Mini Movie is a low quality digital film clip taken with a digital still camera, videophone, or any other device in which the creation of moving images is not the primary function. To create a Mini Movie with a digital still camera, the device must be set to the “movie” mode, frequently indicated by an icon that resembles a motion picture camera or filmstrip. Some digital still cameras offer different settings such as higher and lower resolution and faster and slower frame speed. Often formatted as a QuickTime, .mov or .avi, Mini Movies are viewable through the apparatus that produced them and a number of other output devices, such as a computer, LCD projector or television.

Past Events:

Hi-Dive 2006
DU 2007
Pangea Day at DOM 2008
Messhall 2005
I Space 2006
Portalnd, OR
Berlin, Germany
Grand Rapids, MI
Urbana-Champaign, IL


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