Hideous Beast’s ODDJOBS provides a full range of artist services. Need some help realizing your art projects? Hideous Beast can help you bring your ideas to their fullest potential. We are two kind, intelligent, experienced and hardworking artists looking for work.

We organize-it, clean-it, fix-it, paint-it, haul-it, build-it, install-it and generally get-it done.

We are both resourceful individuals with a range of abilities, including carpentry, general construction, graphic/web design, and creative advising. We are qualified to assist various art methods, including but not limited to photography, painting, sculpture, new media, performance, print-making, installation and social practice. The character and degree of our service will be determined through conversation with each artist.

In exchange for our assistance we will document our services and any associated activities. This documentation will be presented as our own work. We will also negotiate with each artist a means by which to acknowledge Hideous Beast’s role in the production of the project.

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