Piñata Party

After stumbling upon a project by It Can Change, a few emails later asking for advice, we decided to create our own Piñata Party.

We asked participants to construct a piñata for display and destruction. First we offered a 2-night piñata workshop where people could learn how to make a piñata. For the night of the event we began with a kids piñata party. Later on, the “adults” had a go at the piñatas. Before and between bands spectators where asked to destroy piñatas.

In collaboration with My Masterpiece Will Be A Burning Museum, a piñata wall was constructed which held the bands’ 5 guitarist and lead singer until they busted through with candy flying and music blasting!

Plus, this amazing band from North Carolina, Bellafea, rocked the house (see video below)!

pinata party

Piñata Party User Guide