Survival: PR

Survival: PR, 2015
One day event:
Sunday, July 26 from 2-6pm (FB Event Page)
Comfort Station

For this one day event, Hideous Beast has collected promotional images from artists participating in Chicago Artists Coalition’s Bolt and Hatch residencies. These images will be displayed and sold in an art fair tent installed within Comfort Station. Our intention is for this event to function both as an extension of the goals of Chicago Artists Coalition and an opportunity to reflect on the conditions of being an artist in an ever more professionalized field.

This event is an extension of a larger body of work investigating survivalism, the most recent of which has been focussed on the myriad roles artists play in order to professionalize their practice, and how this parallels instances in survivalist culture. Artist methods of production, display and distribution have in some sense evolved out of necessity: as a reaction to the overpopulation of terminal art degree holders, less public funding of the arts, or the fading dream of “being discovered.” Surviving as an artist at this moment in history requires a complex multitude of skills, ranging from technical labor, to administrative/managerial know-how, to social networking and marketing savvy.

Participating artists and curators:
Ali Aschman
LeRoy Bach
Blair Bogin
Suzette Bross
Jessica Caponigro
Rachel Foster
Snow Yunxue Fu
Stephanie Graham
Kelly Lloyd
Maya Mackrandilal
Jaxon Pallas
Andrew Rosinski
Casey Smallwood
Ryan Thompson
Hui-min Tsen
Danny Volk
Julie Weber
Sadie Woods

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